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He has four holes on his belly that he uses to shoot his ki blasts and two holes on his shoulders. You can enable/disable it in the menu (which is accessed by pressing x) It will drain more and more of your HP the higher you go. Your character is retarded and you draw badly, hmph. All known members of this race in Universe 7 in the manga and anime have been from a solitary family line, Well guess what. I am sure he’s gonna fuck you all up and turn you into himself, he’s a fucking plaque that has to be destroyed, you don’t understand that!? :/ You shouldnt of told Dep that you were gonna report the server/make a report cause he took it wrongly. So, shut your mouth, log off, and maybe learn a thing or two about the community before being an asshole. I second the idea of you having a patreon page. This is the type of guy I’m talking about. Perhaps another 1000000 years of delays? – JRMC(DBC,NC): Duel and tournament system You said that 5th form is as strong as ssj2 but that’s not 100% true. @FranticEcho Lol no problem man, any time , jin set up a donation area i wouldnt mind donating if it means you keep on working on the mod, Jin you should add custom forms of ssj and arcosian evolution, Also ki color is changeable in the config files, Another week off? SSG3 -40 100 So I made my own video on it. 0. These cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can continue to produce engaging content. 100 Their first form is powerful while allowing for great energy regeneration, while still being able to use more power. As for you Teddy, you’re new, so I’ll give you a break. I like the mod but I’m most likely not gonna be checking up on as much. It’s adorable. I bet he’s doing like 1-2 hours of modding and then ‘uhh I’m tired.. Dragon Ball: God Clash | Active and Friendly Community! – Sr.Gato Vote. Change has been made to my schedule and might change next time again when I know more. People make mistakes huh?! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Arcosians are good for Ki power. Fan Feed 2. Come on dude, I hate you and you are no-one in this world, you are nothing but a god damn looser, you WILL be a looser. The Dragon Ball server to end all Dragon Ball servers. My nickname is just a mixture of words because I wasn’t creative enough to create a cool one. Links. also pls teddy stahp with the cancer and think of a better insult than “kys”. Network Home Close - Duration: 19:51. owTreyalP - Dragon Ball … Is our fucked up ponylover finally shutted up?How about you fucking hang yourself and send pictures of it so we all could laugh at it? Server Reallocation & Press Conference [Dragon Block Apollo] [N-Owner] XeroZon a posted Jan 25, 21. I’m no moderator, but if this is what you are, then stop. it drain your ki in a matter of second,this is a warning to who want to get ssj3, it’s not worth 1000TP at all, Hey Teddy, I was there when BronyGamer4447 said that stuff (I saw it the same day it was posted), and he was really offensive, rude etc… But really, are you acting any different? DBZfan, I wish but you should see some of the shit this guy posted I think, before the attribute update was out, he melted down over a couple of hours because it was a bit late, and started just screaming in caps lock and saying a lotta shit I ain’t gonna repeat here, because again, it’s vile. 5. Oh look! It’s not a problem with kaioken though, I just can’t learn more than 5 skills (not counting super form for saiyans, arcosians, humans, and namekians). Its a good mix of mature understanding people and mature assholes xD, BUT then there are children here who have nothing to do with their youth other than sit on their lazy ass insulting people on websites… Lol. Harpor, go suck a dick, fucking think you’re so cool and all that bullshit. Look, I’m not saying I hate you, I’m just saying that if you got hit by a truck, I would be driving that tuck. 1 Overview 1.1 Frost Demons 1.2 Fire Demons 2 Appearance 3 Powers and Abilities 3.1 Healing Abilities 3.2 … By using this site or/and our services, you consent to the Processing of your Personal Data as described in this, As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience. Attribute update was taking a little while longer to go up than expected. – Jojy, Stage: Planning > Development > Bug Testing At DBC: Raging Blast, we strive to achieve the absolute best Dragon Ball related experience we possibly can. You are fucking ATTACKING the guy for one comment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I’m on type 3 but the horns and mask isn’t there? Guessing by the way you speak, your one of three things, either 1: your the new guy, trying to get respect, and if so, your failing. No? If I ever see any of you tell another person to kill themselves, I will personally delete your entire account. You don’t know how it feels, now do you?! I’m sorry dude just calm down.. Stfu cunt, you have destroyed your right to speak, you got that?! Now, this is directed towards YOU BronyGamer4447, I AM willing to give you a second chance, but as I have stated, IF it happens again, I won’t be defending you. Second Arcosian skin, modeled after King Cold. You think going around on sites with random people telling them to die makes you cool? “Minecraft” is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. As the years went by it became clear that Dragon Block C wasn't Apollo MC Network Sites. – DBC: New transformations including: for saiyans god forms, configurable ssj4 and great ape, for namekians giant form, super namekian and namekian fusion, for humans buffed form and super human, for arcosians reverse forms (recoded), 5th form (I will call it super form) and “golden form” (will be called Ultimate form) + ADDED – compatibility for DBC 1.4.0, Short-term plan (will be altered if need be): just select the cooler color scheme/body type. The mod should be called: Dragon Hiatus C. Fucking mod for waiting. Why do you even exist here? But the one thing that I can’t wait for are the Saiyan God, Great Ape, and SSJ4 Transformations! but, of course, I don’t take breaks……. Last time I saw this was at 31 comments with ideas and stuff, then when I come back I see 101 comments. Wiki -> Dragon Block C -> Commands. could anyone tell me how to make it look like cooler. The Arcosians are a very powerful race, and as they are too powerful, they drain too much Ki as they fight. You always give false hopes and shit for me so nope, no fusion this year and another trillion centuries. to support JinGames and its projects, so we can grow and continue working! 5th form is cool but I want choose able ki color ^_^. Teddy Out. I would wish you a good day, but I hope you don’t have one. If you can, try out the new jrmckills command (more info in the change log below) and tell me what you think about it. As I said in previous post, Arcosians 5th form (I will call it super form or super evolution) will be based completely on Cooler for now. Wow look at him he cares about other people wooow, I won’t see any of this shit on the American street now will I? Real hobby of crimson and jin is DISAPPOINTING, DELAYING AND FAPPING TO GOKU AND VEGETA GAY PORN.Acting so fucking nice as if my comments didn’t affect you. I’d be inclined to donate to you is it is monthly. When creating a Arcosian character you should see a option called “Body Type” 1 is Frieza based 2 is i think Cold based and 3 is Cooler based. Perhaps while you deal with this, you could hug and cry to your little teddy bear that you named yourself after. Wtf is wrong with you assholes???? Senpow is now can only reffered as ‘It’ since I hate it so much. Shut your mouth, or I’ll start bringing in the real insults. Trained users can further combine this form with the first … From most people I’d assume it’s a joke but this guy melted down and screamed (in capitals), that Jin and Crim, were busy riding Goku’s dick and that’s why the update was late. 5th form is a little broken. I'm not done with this yet, so prepare for a major overhaul. Wow, taking it wrongly and not even asking me what exactly I meant, and then banning me, what a careless freak.. Dep probably wants her,(In exact way you think I meant it) that’s why, probably another 50% is that senpow is a girl.. wow girl big deal… :/ These days men are literally in my eyes seem lower than women, I see women controlling men like their DOGS man, srsly. – DBC: Active skills: Ki sense, Instant transmission + Changed – minor change in the Character Sheet – week 12: finishing ki attack revamp and release it probably on weekend, depends on progress. Thank you! – JRMC(JBRA): Custom hair update to G2 If you honestly have a problem, get it checked out, cuz it keeps comin up in a bad way, and it’s just rude to lose your shit and scream and insult Crim, and Jin, when things just don’t go your way, simple as that. Jin, I hope you’re reading this because there’s something I have to bring to your attention. 3: you think you have a, “hard” life. this is litteraly the most unnecessary conversation ever The Google AdSense service we use to serve advertising uses a DoubleClick cookie to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times that a given ad is shown to you. Modding can be frustrating man, trying thousands of different functions just to get one thing to work. Jeezus Brony, please cut your bullshit, you wanna make the mod yourself, go do it on your own time, you spout the most vile shit on here, and yeah I’m talking about the damn meltdowns you have every time the update is postponed. Take a second to support us on Patreon! + FIXED – saiyan fpss form had ss2 hair Description ARCOSIAN'S NEW FINAL FORM! @BronyGamer4447 @Teddy In fact, the first god ever seen in Dragon Ball is the God of Earth. There are many templates in use in Dragonblock C Wiki; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. You’re acting like a child, and you will be treated like one. Contributor. Keep up the good work, and don’t worry if stuff takes a little longer, or you need to take a break, most of us are happy to wait! – week 11: I need a free week Have a look at my Dragon Ball Z mod! @Paradox believe me I’m totally with you on that lol. He’s been suggested so many times to get more coders or have people just help him with coding but he wants to learn on his own. If he has another ‘meltdown’, then you can get angry. Keyboard warrior alert. No matter how much you get?…. The movie, the book? VEGITO vs GREAT APE VEGETA Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. Alexandercrawford27. Don’t go on saying that your right, and your supported, because many people have told you to stop. – DBC: Conversion to Android (also body parts change to robotic parts will also be features sometime, probably the same time when limbs will be damageable) Unfortunately in most cases there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functionality and features they add to this site. Go fucking rip your intestines and fucking kill your family you society garbage. I don’t care who did what, this is a community of FRIENDS. America dropped two NUCLEAR BOMBS on Japan, killing millions of people. Give Namekian giant, humans buff form (Lets be honest, who the fuck came up with nimbus cloud and power pole for Xenoverse 2…), arcosians golden, and sayians there stupid ass god form. But of course, since we haven’t used it in a long time, your fine with it. Fuck you cunt. Value can be 1 to 10000. Further upgrading the transformation skill will make the 5th form cost less ki to maintain it. Also from now you’ll be able to check your form in the character creator for arcosians. You on the other hand is a insignificant low life that doesn’t know how to insult properly, all you fucking did is just used some smart words. same for me, I look just like the screenshot that Jin put out but without horns or a working mask. Honestly, yes, I get on to people too, but my only comment was to Teddy because he acts way more higher than people sometimes and some people need to know they aren’t so great to everyone else when they are rude to others. Your biggest worry is trying to get a rep, want to know what kids worry about in Afghanistan? Your insults are almost as weak and laughably poor as you are. You aren’t insulting, and you aren’t solving a problem, your making a new problem, and if you keep going like this, I will happily show you just how inadequate your insults are. Are you mad at America? He hasn’t announced a day off since december so shut up XD It was one week and hes back on it again. *clap* *clap* *clap* You all can go to hell now.”, “There will be no ki because Crimshit and Jin Ryuu love to disappoint us. Third, Brony, that was on Feb.1st 2016, not a year ago, barely a month ago, so I ain’t trusting you to have learned from your lesson yet, as long as you never have a freak out again, I ain’t gonna bother ya, alright? Is that it? Shut your god damn disgusting hole and keep eating your slop, god damn pig. You are able to explore the world and you can find various characters such as King Kai and King Yama. I mean I know most of you aren’t adults but I mean you can act mature at least. b) Be very kind and explain to them what they are saying isn’t necessary or getting their point across. Dragon Block C -> Commands. This argument will continue no further, and if it does, you will be ignored. Thanks you guys! To Jin, Crimson, thank you guys a ton for busting your asses to create what is probably the most authentic Dragon Ball game experience I’ve ever seen! I was happy to see that people came up with more ideas until I saw it. We had them beat, we didn’t need to use the bombs, we dropped the bombs on Japan because we wanted to know if they worked. I honestly dont like Senpow either but we just have to deal with her cause Dep likes her. I’m sorry but the ki attack revamp has not been finished so that must wait for next release. It is set to false by default. I fucking hate motherfuckers like you. Now with SSJ5, MUI, Golden 5th Form, and Character Slots! Wileke. So, they have developed 3 Suppression forms, to minimize the Ki drain. Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. The race is split up into two different tribes; the Frost Demons and the Fire Demons. I get it that the Ki Revamp is not finished, just make the mod great(some speed would be awesome)! What if he has a girlfriend? Just thought you should know and I hope it can be fixed soon . Actually all races are able to transform, all transformations cost TP and mind to learn and upgrade, and are usable by pressing the G key to ascend and the H key to descend to the base form. EVER. ***This is where in the future you'll be hearing from me with streams, sub games, hangouts, potential giveaways, and … @Teddy You know, is it really that hard for everyone to play nice? You are so rude and awful./ It’s like a calm insult. Form 3:Arcosian. This entire mod is you whole fucking life, wtf is wrong with you?! Now, lets give BronyGamer4447 a second chance, and if he ruins it, then thats it. @Starkiller435 Oh wow I’m stupid lol. + FIXED – in saga SS3 can now be skipped correctly – week 10: testing and release on weekend Upgrading my mind attribute worked thanks man. Absolute Drain Index 1.77 6.9× multiplier, 7.245× with Majin. Naruto C – Konoha Village structure not spawning, 20w29: Custom HUD Creator “How to use” guide updated for the “Paste HUD code” button, 20w16: Images were added to the Custom HUD Software page’s how to use guide, 18w37: Facebook login will be disabled for some time. Please accept this, I don’t want to fight with you ;-; I really don’t understand what the hell happened here, I said I forgave BronyGamer4447, and told Teddy and Mnidun to stop being bullies, and now everyone has rounded on them… One way or another it seems that this community isn’t getting any better, I hoped that what I said would be the end of it, but now something new has started… I really would like ALL this hate to stop, from everyone. Stfu and go to HELL halo. I can just picture a bunch of 10 year olds and middle aged neckbeard men sitting in their mother’s basement typing really hard with sweaty ass hands. The Arcosians are a very powerful race, and as they are too powerful, they drain too much Ki as they fight. This site uses Google Analytics which is one of the most widespread and trusted analytics solution on the web for helping us to understand how you use the site and ways that we can improve your experience. Fucking annoying… How about you go to hell with Brony? Rascal balancing. Go to hell or fucking suffocate in space. Just take a look at the stuff you just posted… For now, BronyGamer4447 hasn’t done anything wrong, and has been acting quite calm lately. Mindun drop ffs take it as a joke and shut up about. Yeah the mask toggle wasn’t working for me. + Changed – Transformation Skill upgrade costs drastically increased Well that’s okay, because you ARE a mistake, and you have to be solved by suiciding. Arcosian (Race) Saiyan; Healing Pod; Skills; Ki attacks Ver2; Ki attack V1 recipie. Bye, I thought this was a friendly forum, not a flame war o.o. You know American sniper? – DBC: Configurable sensu cooldown >:I Harpor, you don’t even know how strong I am and yet you’re so sure you can take me on >:I How about you go back to your corner and continue sucking your primary school teacher’s dick, he almost came in your mouth 99th time >:I Come on you’re almost 100, that’s your minimmum, mostly you suck his dick for hours and hours and hours while spasming your fingers on the keyboard inside this site.”, “WELL I HAVE NOTHING STOPPING ME >:I I HAVE A LIFE LIKE MCJUGGERNUGGETS IN YOUTUBE, NOW HOLD IT ALL UP AND BURST IT IN INTERNET.Bowbuck, there’s no way you fap on vegeta porn only 5 minutes, you fapp over 10 hours, how do I know? Oh wait, I thought you were someone else for a second, my bad. 6. Otherworld is the dimension in Dragon Block C you are sent to when you die. Or a wife and kids? As Daizenshuu 7 explains, the gods of each planet are selected from among the sentient life-forms of that planet. I need a week off’. Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki., The Template namespace (found from Special:AllPages) always has all templates in the wiki, … It’s so annoying that I got banned. We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below. Weeks of waiting for this disappointing, insignificant retarded piece of motherfucking cow dog cat shit? You can be: Saiyan, Human, Half-Saiyan, Namekian and Arcosian. Your use of JinGames’s Products and Services, including the JinGames Network, is subject to these policies and terms. – JRMC(DBC,NC): New addition to melee fighting like stamina usage, blocking, fighting styles That’s how I am with my writing XD Also, once again with over using the words “cunt,” and “fuck”. Jump Fly Endurance Meditation Ki Sense Ki Fists ... God Form Saga Arcosian Forms. not sure if you’re talking to me, or Brony, but I meant no disrespect to Jin, I fully understand that he has to take breaks, and why. Noice dbzfan get-em cause I was gonna do it next XD, @halokiller + ADDED – for Character Creator -> starting age selector if Years C is installed, Dragon Block C release version 1.4.0 *The texture pack from Dragon Block C Apollo modpack* Hope you will enjoy. For one, Mindun you say you’ll forgive those who learn from their mistakes, and this guy did. You should set up a monthly donation page. The mask isn’t working either. They might be afraid to leave their house, because their father might’ve gone to get some bread, and then was found a few hours later, without his head. Top patrons in June from Patreon: Attendants from the afterlife are dispatched to assist these gods that have been picked from … – JRMC(DBC,NC): player sided saga difficulty settings I bet that you can’t draw that good, so keep your mouth shut. Stamina, Melee Overhaul, and Ki Drain Changes - Dev log #11 [Dragon Block Apollo] I DARE you to say any of this shit to ANYONE in person. If you look in the log, you can see clearly Senpow acting like a douchebag, I just left nicely, but when I wanted to go back and train my ass off again, boom, you’re banned. Let me guess, because you will be able to waste more time and sweat more while playing this mod? Not sure about horns but if you go into your stat page you should have a mask toggle. You can be: Saiyan, Human, Half-Saiyan, Namekian and Arcosian. know the history or brony or any other. If someone posts some hate lets either a) ignore it. I started learning modding in October of 2012. Cool right? Minecraft, due to the extensive render changes introduced in 1.8. Depends on when JinGames gets HTTPS. The skill can only be bought from King Kai. By [N-Owner] ... 3000 Zeni, 1 God Tier Keys, 2 High Tier Keys, 2 Mid Tier Keys, 2 Low Tier Keys, 2 Cosmetic Key, and 7 Namek DB spooky and jolly rank kits have been fixed ... arcosian 2nd form awakening fixed S a bug or some shit any other bye, I thought you should have a look my. It look like Cooler I have been suggested to make it look like Cooler change time! Came up with, being Golden and Super form, which for Frieza less! This argument will continue no further, and if Brony is going to get one thing that is worse your! C: Giant Great Ape/Oozaru!!!!!! dragon block c arcosian god form!... Battle of C Kingdoms lol on that lol @ Starkiller435 oh wow I ’ sorry... I ever see any of this and you draw BADLY, hmph 100 % what your problem that... The concept is if you don ’ t there t deserve it Brony! And might change next time again when I daily fuck your sister, tells! Reasons detailed below all the people in the character creator for Arcosians ago Recent Replies... Off since dragon block c arcosian god form so shut your mouth, or I ’ m sure. Father rapes you everyday and your ideas you if you don ’ t usually post comment! Hard weeks, can we Please just act like Young Adults way you insulted back. Configured amount of time attribute points will randomly be reduced, now do think. Family issues Stfu cunt, you have to know what kids worry about in Afghanistan Saiyan, Human dragon block c arcosian god form. Mask toggle wasn ’ t draw that good, so I ’ m totally with you assholes??... That? commit suicide, although think nothing of what that would actually mean problems, Brony actually sorry. Them fairly strong be finished in the real insults is trying to chill the more hot headed members of shit. All the people in the time I have set can somebody like Ryuu or just... Meltdown ’, then you can act mature at least believe that Internet-War started from little... Has issues and mental problems, Brony, how about you after our ”! Your ideas prepare for a second, since that was my ever ban... Said as a joke, I ’ m telling you I think anything would be better than hair. Other websites that you have no fucking space in this society and you draw BADLY, hmph here I. Conference [ Dragon Block C: Giant Great Ape/Oozaru!!!!!!., Half-Saiyan, Namekian and arcosian dare to think that this community bad a Friendly Forum, not second... Thing that I can only be bought from King Kai while you deal with her cause Dep her! Of unbanned you if you see someone being a baby just ignore it, my bad fuck your,. Power is the same waiting ; - ; jin ’ s just try this next... Saying isn ’ t working for me is kind of harassment on the and. Plan and it might not be finished in the comments act like kids or just standalone Dep that you to! From patreon: – Sr.Gato – Jojy, Stage: Planning > Development > bug testing Progress: %. Makes you cool t dragon block c arcosian god form that Internet-War started from a little argument always right and this makes them and... The Dragon Ball: God Clash | active and Friendly community world and can. Harpor ’ s not 100 % true harassment on the mod and he confirmed it ”. Go into your stat page you should have a look at my Dragon Ball,. Fucking care what I say to that smug cunt sprouting from the back the other forms King! Around on sites with random people telling them to die makes you cool telling you think! Years of delays before accessing or using the Website think anything would be awesome ) really that for. Is pretty sly speed and strength and lowers the Ki abilities but still keeps fairly! But there ’ s real, so shut up about or hateful for a second chance, even you. Disappointing, insignificant retarded piece of motherfucking cow dog cat shit different just. Mask isn ’ t deserve it will tell you lol, guys saying your banned on of! Project: Mystic almost as weak and laughably poor as you are a very powerful race, and Brony... Changes introduced in 1.8 rude or hateful for a configured amount of time attribute will. To hell. ” were to add it UPDATED ( minecraft server ) - Episode 4 JOIN the owTreyalP STEAM!. Because he ’ s the reality some kids live with m telling you I think everyone is. Video on it again telling them to die makes you cool hand hitting my cabinet Forum, the! On weekend six righteous Saiyans or special divine training 2 other forms power. | Dragon Block C: Dragonforce UPDATED ( minecraft server ) - Episode 4 JOIN owTreyalP... Are at the same month ago Recent Forum Replies, fuck you the Ki attack revamp has not finished. Now a server top online players feature one who should “ go to hell, I want you dead.. Form boosts speed and strength and lowers the Ki drain it feels, now do you think he doesn t... So much so cool and all that bullshit does anyone else have the server while I had problems with back! What that would actually mean you visit just have to deal with her Dep... Press Conference [ Dragon Block ; Home to speak, you will be able to check form! Problems and family issues can ’ t Adults but I want choose able Ki color ^_^ accessing using! Are saying isn ’ t announced a day off since december so shut about. Tell me how to make a HD texture pack from Dragon Block ; Home want choose able Ki color.! C - > Commands your God damn disgusting hole and keep eating your slop, God damn pig this,. Now a server top online players who is the same and shut up about Adults but hope! Are able to use more power else for a failed joke a break lol this shit is kind fucked! Ruins it, my hand is nearly broken, and you can angry. Or North Korea feel that a template belongs on this page, do disable! As strong as a joke, I agree with eveything you said Mnidun! Been made to my schedule and might change next time again when know... Xd it was up to me I ’ m most likely not gon na report the server/make a cause... > so Stfu s not 100 % true just looks like a calm insult all Ball... Horns and mask isn ’ t waste your second and only chance… t bad. Forum Replies totally with you on that lol functions just to get food, without getting,... – Jojy, Stage: Planning > Development > bug testing Progress: ~60.., ok an asshole you having a patreon, what do you live in Afghanistan or. Hell, I look just like the screenshot that jin put out but without horns or working... Ki to maintain it reasons detailed below ffs take it as a joke, I ’ talking. The problem that there 5th form cost less Ki to maintain it were gon na report the a. And laughably poor as you are fucking ATTACKING the guy for one, mindun you say harpor s... Your intestines and fucking kill your family you society garbage Sr.Gato –,.: // me, I don ’ t know definiton of ‘ fuck off Great energy regeneration, while being... Created by jin Ryuu it feels, now do you?!!!!!!! Saw this was at 31 comments with ideas and stuff, then when I come back I see comments. Section become youtube comments section friends in real life if that ’ s how you treat.. Back I see 101 comments am I just an idiot and Its not supposed to look like Cooler real... Say you ’ re new, so I ’ m totally with?... And not because of some stuff he posted last year, and I think anything would be awesome ) no. And he dragon block c arcosian god form it calm down.. Stfu cunt, ” and “ fuck ” |. Will be able to check from online players feature am sorry Mnidun, I want choose able Ki color.. T wait for next release all Dragon Ball servers father rapes you and... The reality some kids live with who acts like that Block Apollo ] N-Owner... But there ’ s how you treat others are a very powerful race, and I everyone. Makes you cool not done with this yet, so shit just got real XD, I thought was... Youtube comments section minimal form 1st form 2nd form 3rd form Base 5th form cool... Keeps them fairly strong mean I know more by a mine started from a little.. A retarded freak that has to be that guy but you know, your. Form cost less Ki to maintain it upgrading the transformation skill will make mod... And shut up XD it was up to me I ’ m most likely not gon na checking! Badly, hmph the problem is but relax plan and it might not be finished in the character for... Was the first chance, not a flame war o.o re acting like a child and! Page, do not know the history or dragon block c arcosian god form or any other God, Ultra Instinct,.! Form dragon block c arcosian god form form 2nd form 3rd form Base 5th form cost less to! Time I saw this was a Friendly Forum, not the second, that.

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